What is 240 Days to Raise?

Hey there 👋🏾,

I’m Jade, founder of a beauty booking platform called Mane Hook-Up.

Like many people, I’ve always wondered what start-ups go through as their fundraising. We often see the outcome (e.g. Company X has raised £500k) and the opportunities that follow, but rarely do we see the process, challenges and progress made as they’re raising the money.

So, in a bid to help anyone that’s fundraising now (or thinking about it), I’m sharing my journey publicly, and giving myself 240 days — roughly 8 months — to do it.

So, sign up and stay tuned as I uncover the many questions that you have about fundraising.

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How often will I get this newsletter?

Weekly — I’ll post an update every Monday evening.

My inbox is already flooded, why should I subscribe?

Because one more won’t hurt? I joke 🤪. But on a real note, if you’re a Founder (or you want to become one) and you’re thinking “what does fundraising look like”, this newsletter is for you. I’ll cover what I’ve learned, mistakes made and share any nuggets of gold that I find along the way.

But… do you know what you’re doing?

Yes and no 😅, but that’s also why I’m writing 240 Days. While I have worked for start-ups that have raised Angel, VC and Crowdfunding rounds, doing this as a lone Founder is a whole new ball game so, in short, I’m figuring it out one day at a time ✌🏾

Now the real question is, will I laugh?

Yup, and I won’t be mad. Promise.

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